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Business + Product Innovation

The Origin team can engage at any phase of the product development lifecycle to elevate the experience you create for your target audience.


We create products and services from nurtured ideas that benefit your consumers and elevate your brand.


At Origin, we’re a team of curators. We take pride in using research, conversation, and an empathy-based approach to design to understand your business, assess opportunities, and execute on growth-focused ideas. From being an extra mind at your strategy meeting to full concept development and execution projects, our team is ready to help your team achieve your goals.


Business + Product Innovation Packages*

*Custom packages are also available

Origin facilitated team design workshop at the Worcester Idea Lab

Single Day Innovation Retreat

Bring your team together to support new ideas development that could lead to successful new products and services for your business.

  1. Executive Team Strategy Session for Retreat Planning (pre-retreat)
  2. First ½ of Day: Creative Exercise + Team Design Workshop
  3. Second ½ of Day: Creative Focus Group Breakouts + Group Report
Origin concept development and assessment work

Concept Development + Assessment Package

Let Origin help nurture your idea, assess viability, talk to your customers, and create a features spec for your next product or service.

  1. Kickoff Ideation + Strategy Meeting
  2. Landscape Assessment (includes competitive assessment, industry trends assessment, and target market research)
  3. Team Design Workshop
  4. Customer Focus Group(s) + Interviews
  5. Product/Service Requirement Document
Origin innovation consulting meeting

Innovation Consulting Retainer

At Origin, we benefit from being a multi-disciplinary team engaged in a wide breadth of projects and experiences. We can help you stay innovative and work to enhance your existing or create new products and services.

  1. Kickoff meeting for goal setting and strategic planning
  2. Ongoing research, trends assessment, and user research
  3. Meeting support and ideation sessions
  4. Strategic partner development and database development

List of Business + Product Innovation Services

Inspiration + Understanding

  • Competitive Research
  • Target Market Research
  • Landscape Assessments
  • Database Development

Ideation + Modeling

  • Ideation Support + Concept Development
  • Facilitated Innovation + Strategy Meetings
    • Team Focus Group Facilitation
    • Customer Focus Group Facilitation
    • Customer Interviews + Assessments
    • Expert Interviews + Assessments


  • Concept Execution + Management
  • Strategic Partner Development

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