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Experience This Blog provides insights and ideas about product, digital, and place-based experience design and explores creating for the human experience.

The 5 S Words of Designing for Mixed Reality: Day 1 at AR in Action (ARIA)

Augmented reality is a fast-evolving industry that will greatly impact how people interact with information and their environments. This Experience This Blog post discusses insights gleaned on day 1 at the AR in Action conference (ARIA) at MIT Media Lab and discusses 5 S Words of Designing for Mixed Reality.

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People. Places. Spaces. - Building Strong Communities Using Place-based, Human-centered Design

The word community is a simple word to define a complex idea surrounding how people are connected. From the spaces they live, the things they buy, the values they share, and beyond, communities are categorized and grouped by hundreds of factors. But what is it that connects these groups to truly establish the feeling of community; the sense of ownership for their spaces and a responsibility to the people who surround them?

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How to Elevate Your Brand with a Large Event

Designing a successful event requires a keen understanding of emerging trends and key players in your targeted industry, knowing your audience, high levels of organization, and being honest about your weaknesses.

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How to Design a Customer-First Product Experience

Building an engaging customer experience requires diligent research, customer integration into the product development process, and organized product management. Most products are not completely new ideas. This can be a significant advantage if you follow these steps and pay close attention to detail as you move through the product development lifecycle.

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