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Origin Services | Place-Based Experience Design

Origin Consulting provides event, place-based, and creative placemaking design consulting services to create experiences for people in places and spaces.


Building Experiences for People in Places & Spaces


From scrolling through Facebook to walking down Main Street, people experience their environment wherever they are. Origin works with you to intentionally create the experience you want a consumer to have in a space. Whether you’re planning a conference or festival or opening a new restaurant or retail store, our team at Origin creates events people remember.

Origin provides ideation and visioning services.

We facilitate ideation and creative brainstorming exercises to enhance your team’s ability to generate ideas; whether you have an idea that’s already taken shape or you want to work with us to develop an entirely new concept based on the goals of your organization.

Origin provides customer and consumer research services.

A great idea is only worth something if it manifests into a great event. Origin acts as your project manager and partner in developing marketing plans, outreach strategies, and more.

Origin provides branding and design services as part of our experience design services.

Our creative team designs high quality brands for events and functions that resonate with your consumer before even reading what you’re all about. We’ll create advertisements, web pages, and affiliate collateral to capture your defined target audience supported by the creative messaging we develop together.

Origin provides creative placemaking and community development consulting services.

Community Development + Creative Placemaking

Interested in working with Origin Consulting on community development and/or creative placemaking activity in your city? We employ a place-based design framework to engage residents and stakeholders in change making.


List of Services

Event Experiences

  • Events Management
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Conference Planning
  • Corporate Events Planning
  • Location/Venue Scouting
  • Location Setup + Planning
  • Speaker + Session Curation
  • Audience Generation

Ideation + Visioning

  • Brainstorming Facilitation
  • Event Naming / Name Discovery
  • Design Workshops
  • Trends Assessment

Strategy + Planning

  • Concept + Design Execution
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Operations Consulting
  • Consumer + Customer Research
  • Industry + Competitive Assessments
  • Strategic Partner Development
  • Data Capture / Lead Generation

Creative + Design

  • Branding
  • Existing Brand Audit
  • Experience Design
  • Content Creation
  • Signage + Collateral Design
  • Website Design

Featured Project: POW! WOW! Worcester 2016

Origin founders led ideation, planning, and experience design development for this international mural festival that activated residents and visitors through public art. Learn more about POW! WOW! Worcester.

Origin founders developed POW! WOW! Worcester 2016 in partnership with residents and stakeholders to strengthen the community in the city.